Herguan University - Fraud university

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hi u might have heard what happen to trivalley university

now the same will be the faith of herguan university

now they will not get any accreditation and they are inform the students that they are about to get it with in two months bull *** its more than 16mmnths the same story rewind every time and other trick they are using is for the student who already fell in their trap

if someone wants to transfer out from the university the answer from the management is getting that they will terminate their sevis and will be out of status they torture the students so that they had to continue in same building without any options. but go ahead and if they want to do anything ask for written proof for everything. for the students who are in that university .

now the ppl who knows abt this university are safe but who r in d university thinking dat they are in safe hands.. but bull *** no registration for fall sems and neither will be in spring so they had to closed their shop of importing international students...

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It is not a real university and it is just a money making machine for chinese family!!! This kind of practice must stop!


It is known that Herguan is a fraud.

Getting accreditation is a multi-year process. Anybody claiming that it can be done in a few months is lying, plain and simple.

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